Australia is known for it’s scorching summers, under which animals can suffer if they are not built to cope with the heat. Horses can become unwell if not cared for properly in the hot weather. Here are ten tips on that will help you keep your horse healthy and cool this summer.

Hydration is essential in ensuring a horse stays healthy in the hot weather. At all times your horse should access to a sufficient water supply. If your horse is reluctant to drink you can soak hay in water for them to provide additional hydration.

Sweaty Horse
Horses loose minerals from sweating in the heat. Make sure you are helping replace these by giving them a good quality electrolyte formula.

Try to avoid working your horse when the outside temperature exceeds the horses body temperature. For a horse this is about 37.5 degrees Celsius.

Flyveils provide protection from flies and and can also keep the sun off. Just remember that they do restrict vision at night so remember to remove it overnight.

Having fans in the stable is a good way to keep the air moving in the stables. This also helps to keep flies from settling.

What Time to Ride 
Horseback riding Free Photo
Try to ride in the evenings or early mornings as these are the coolest parts of the day.

Horses can get sunburnt badly in hot weather. They can even receive scars from the burning. To avoid this apply sunscreen or zinc to all white areas on the nose, or use a flymask with a protective nose flap.

Cool Down
To help your horse cool down more quickly hose it down with water.

Heat Stress 
Owning a horse, you should know the signs of heat stress and how to avoid it. This is a serious condition that starts with dehydration and can result in heat stroke if the horse is not attended to sufficiently.