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Summer is well on its way now in Australia, with the weather warming up nicely and the sun staying up later in the evening. Looking forward to our beach season there is every reason to maintain a fit body as we come into the warmer months. Here are a list of Australian games to play in summer that help you get moving whilst having fun!


Cricket is a wellknown Aussie summer pastime that is enjoyable for all ages, whether it is being part of a local league or playing in the backyard on Christmas day. No matter your fitness level and skill level, anyone can get involved in cricket, it is a sport that develops eye to hand coordination and teamwork skills. Watching a professional game, although not great for the improvement of your own fitness is enjoyable and can give you a better idea of how the game is played.


Basketball is a great fast-paced game to get a good sweat on and your heart pumping hard. A basketball court is easy enough to find in most neighborhoods and it is easy to play even if you only have one other person to compete against. If you feel like you have the skill perhaps it is time to try out with your local basketball league to challenge yourself and up the competition!


Although soccer is mainly a European game and is often played in winter it is still fun to have a game or practice your skills during the summer months. You can practice soccer anywhere without having access to a field or equipment, all you need is a soccer ball and your legs!


Tennis is another iconic Australian summer sport. The game combines a wide range of skills and are good for those who prefer individual sports. This game is fantastic for the development of hand to eye coordination and fitness. You can even practice hitting the ball to yourself against a wall if you don’t have access to a court or any competitors.


Netball is a great team sport that combines a fast paced cardio workout with hand eye co-ordination and is ideal for developing teamwork and strategy. Although this sport is usually female dominated, it doesn’t mean that if you are a male and enjoy the game you can’t play too. It is a great game for all genders and ages to participate in and can be modified to cater for smaller numbers if necessary.