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Government grants and funding for community sports building

Sport and Recreation Victoria is offering a supportive Community Sports Infrastructure Loans Scheme (CSILS), providing organisations with access to low interest rate loans. These guaranteed loans are offered between $500,000 and $10 million to dispense community sport and recreation infrastructure.

All applicants that are successful have the opportunity to be granted low-interest loans through Treasury Corporation Victoria with Sport and Recreation Victoria receding interest repayments. However, to receive this applicants must be delivering community sport and active recreation infrastructure that respond to issues identified in the sport and recreation industry.

Objectives of the scheme

  • Support projects that will deliver an increase in community sporting opportunities for Victorians with focus being placed on disadvantaged and underrepresented groups
  • Encourage local government organisations and others to push forward with community sport and recreation construction development
  • Maximise opportunities for investment in sports and recreation construction
  • Offer support to organisations that demonstrate capability and capacity to deliver the Victorian Government’s objectives, outlined here
  • Encourage collaboration in the delivery of community sporting infrastructure

Outcomes that successful projects can include

  • Increased opportunities in participation of sporting activities by addressing gaps in appropriate infrastructure provision
  • Provide better access to sport and recreational participation for underrepresented groups
  • Improve physical and mental health and wellbeing in traditionally disadvantaged parts of our society
  • Prompt local economic activity through planning, building, maintenance, management and activation of recreational construction

Projects that may be supported under the loan

  • Aquatic leisure facilities (new or redeveloped outdoor or indoor)
  • Indoor sports stadiums (new or redeveloped)
  • Multi-sport precincts, including delivery of sports fields, sports courts and pavilions (new or upgraded)
  • Active recreation infrastructure: trails, play spaces, skate parks and BMX tracks
  • Sporting surface (upgrading or new developments)
  • Privately owned facilities where public access is allowed
  • Sporting infrastructure on school land with a joint use agreement confirming community access

Find out more here: sport.vic.gov.au


Information credits: Sport and Recreation Victoria