This guide provides a useful outline of the types of large sheds available and the average cost to build. It includes agricultural sheds, equestrian, industrial, commercial, education, aviation and architect-designed sheds. If you’re curious to know more read on.


Agricultural sheds

Broadacre farming often requires large sheds to store feed, machinery and crops. Sheds with wide clear-span openings allow for easy access for large machinery like harvesters.

Central Steel Build sheds are built to last over 50 years Each structure is custom designed, value-engineered and all of our columns and trusses are made from Australian steel and are hotdip galvanised for maximum strength and durability.

Average cost for a kit only machinery/hay shed: AUD$70,000.00* for a 40m x 18m three-sided building.


Equestrian buildings

Large equestrian buildings often refer to full-sized indoor dressage arenas, jumping arenas  and stable complexes. We have a wide range of experience in building for different equestrian sports such as dressage, showjumping, eventing, reining and western dressage and riding. Your equestrian building is designed around you and your horse’s needs, maximising usability, safety and performance.

Average cost for an indoor riding arena: AUD$150,000* for a 61m x 21m including installation.


Commercial & office buildings

Commercial projects need to be expertly value-engineered to maintain realistic costing for an architecturally designed structure. Project management of these builds is essential to ensuring the project is delivered within scope and on budget. At CSB we have experience in working on commercial projects 100m x 50m and larger.

Average cost for a large commercial project: AUD$1,108,800* for a 36m x 80m building including installation.


Industrial sheds

Industrial buildings refer to warehouses, factories and workshops up to 80m x 80m. Value engineering and smart design will ensure your industrial investment works efficiently increasing your business’ productivity. It’s a great idea to talk to a consultant from the very beginning of your project to ensure your budget is adhered to and your building is purpose-built.

Average cost for a large warehouse is $80,000* to $400,000* including installation.


Educational Buildings & Ball Covers

Covered over learning areas (COLA) provide protection from the elements for kids and staff and provide a great option for maximising access to the outdoors. CSB can custom design and fabricate ball court covers ranging up to 48m x 43m.

This is a lasting investment for schools and their students’ safety, as well as those in educational or sporting. Covers like this have padded columns, anti-bird netting and roof insulation.

Average cost for a large ball court cover: $114,000* including installation


Aviation Hangars & Buildings

Larger aircraft hangars can range up to 64m x 30m. We provide a variety of options for those interested in building a large aircraft hangar, customised to your aircraft and needs. We have decades of experience in the design and construction of aeroplane and helicopter hangars.

Average cost for an aircraft hangar: $80,000 – $90,000*