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Things to throw out next stable spring-clean

Keeping the stables sparkling clean is always a challenge, things just seem to build up and mess can quickly accumulate. Here is a list of 20 things you should never have in your stable and tack rooms if you want to enjoy a tidy area.

Torn and broken horse rugs

horse inside stable

Get your torn rugs fixed or get rid of them. You can’t use them in their current state so they are just acting as dust collectors. A good idea is to donate your old rugs to animal shelters for use in winter months.

Expired medications

senior man giving horse medication

Keeping expired and old medications poses a potential risk for your horses. Clean out the stable fridge and remove any medicines that have no use anymore.

Half-used vet wrap

Because it hasn’t been used it seems a pity to throw it out right? However if vet wraps have been lying around in the stable for more than a few weeks, they have probably lost their elasticity and will be far from sterile.

Dirty saddle pads

saddle resting on stable door

Saddle pads that have the resemblance of another horse growing on the underside need a deep clean. It is important to keep saddle pads clean to protect your horse’s skin.

Open horse feed containers

bucket of horse feed

Open feed containers are the quickest way to attract rats and mice into your stables. Keep your feed in a closed container to prevent rodent invasion.

Manure filled wheelbarrow

lady cleaning up horse manure

Manure attracts flies and overall makes the stable smell unpleasant. Make sure you dump the wheelbarrow every time you use it to safeguard your horses from flies.

Moldy hay

horses inside stables

We all know the dangers of feeding moldy hay, colic anyone? Get rid of any moldy hay and store fresh hay in a cool, well ventilated dry place.

Broken thermometer

Broken thermometer

Check your thermometer to ensure that it works (you may have more than one so check them all). Being in an emergency with a broken thermometer is not a situation you want to find yourself in.

Dirty water troughs

horse drinking out of trough

If the water troughs are starting look like ponds, they need to be scrubbed and cleaned. Your horse will appreciate fresh water.

Unlatched stalls

timber and black stables interior

This one is a simple one, triple check all stalls are locked before you leave the stable.

Ripped fly masks

horse with fly mask on

Torn fly masks are entirely useless and usually cannot be repaired. Throw these out, they are only taking up space.

Broken electrical cords

Broken electrical cord

Broken electrical cords are not only a trip hazard but can also be very dangerous. If the external insulation of the cord is broken and internal cords are showing, the entire cord needs to be replaced immediately. It is important to run all necessary cords away from where horses can step or chew on them.


riding boots near hay bale

Proper footwear should be worn at all times in the stable. Having open shoes and thongs lying around in the stables is not a good practice.

Worn out splint and bell boots

splint and bell boots on grey horse

Damaged splint and bell boots are more of a hazard than a help for a horse. Not only that, but a tattered boot has caused more than a few divots in the arena.

Twine and rope

rope sitting on timber boards

Pick up the twine or rope lying around, and for that matter wire as well. If you want to store it for emergencies, find a tidy way of doing so.

Broken spray bottles

old spray bottle

These are easily recyclable and quick to clean up from the stables.

Old ointments

rubbing ointment onto horse's leg

Make sure any ointments you have in the stable have not been contaminated or expired. These will do more harm than good to an injury and are just taking up room.

Empty cat food cans

cat sitting inside stables

For those lucky enough to have a barn cat, empty cat food cans mount up very quickly and end up in strange places, behind bales of hay and on random shelves. These are recycled easily and have no use being kept in the stables.

Anxiety and stress

girl and her horse close up

Breath in deep and step into your happy place, leaving the stress of life outside the stables. Your horses are here to make you happy through companionship and love that you share.

Information credits: horseandrider.com