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The building needed to have a 50m clear span width to accommodate servicing inside as well as a fire isolation section and a truck wash.

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Benefits of installing an arena cover

For equestrian enthusiasts, trainers, and horse owners alike, an indoor arena represents a major asset. This article highlights the benefits of having an indoor equestrian space.

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Combined office and warehouse 

Perry Demolition's requirements were for a new premises that included a stylish reception area with a double-storey void, a unique façade, and angled canopies, including a deck. 

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The benefits of installing an arena cover

The benefits of installing an arena cover

Benefits of having an indoor equestrian space

For equestrian enthusiasts, trainers, and horse owners alike, indoor horse training areas, often known as indoor arenas or riding schools, represent a major asset. They provide a controlled environment for riders and horses to work together, regardless of external conditions. Here are some of the most significant benefits of having indoor equestrian spaces.

Weather independence

With an indoor training area, rain, snow, extreme heat, or cold are no longer obstacles to consistent training. Riders and horses can maintain a regular training schedule without disruption, which is particularly important for competitive riders or horses in professional programs.

Improved footing

The surfaces of indoor arenas can be carefully chosen and maintained to be consistent and safe, resulting in fewer puddles, frozen spots, or dusty areas, reducing the risk of injuries for both horse and rider. It is important to remember that getting an optimal arena footing is vital for your horses’ safety and performance. You can visit our guide that goes over the different characteristics and aspects of the best options.


Better focus

Without the distractions of wildlife, traffic, or other outdoor stimuli, horses and riders can concentrate fully on their training objectives, which can be especially beneficial for young or easily distracted horses. 

Dawn McKenzie indoor dressage arena 3_tile


Lighting control

Many indoor arenas are equipped with adequate lighting, allowing riding sessions to continue even after the sun has set. This flexibility can be crucial for trainers or riders with tight schedules or during shorter winter days.



Indoor arenas are often more secure than open paddocks because the space can remain relatively controlled. There's less risk of a horse getting loose and running off, and riders don't have to worry about unexpected encounters with potential hazards.


Year-round conditioning

Competitive riders, in particular, benefit from keeping their horses in peak condition throughout the year. An indoor equestrian space enables training and conditioning to continue unabated, even during the off-season or inclement weather.



Indoor arenas can be set up for various disciplines, from dressage to show jumping, and reining to vaulting. The controlled environment means that equipment, such as jumps or dressage markers, can be left in place without worrying about them getting damaged by weather.

Jeff Ralph western riding arena 4_tile


Learning and teaching

For instructors, an indoor environment can be more conducive to teaching. Voice instructions can be heard more clearly, and demonstrations can be more easily seen without the interference of shadows or glare.


Community and events

Many equestrian centers with indoor arenas host events, clinics, and shows. An indoor space allows for more predictability in scheduling these events, as there's no need to worry about weather cancellations.


Enhanced property value

For equestrian property owners, an indoor arena can significantly increase the value of their property. It's a sought-after feature for many serious riders and trainers looking to purchase equestrian real estate.


Winterwood Farm indoor dressage arena 11_tile


Indoor equestrian spaces offer significant benefits. Whether you're a recreational rider, a professional trainer, or someone in between, having access to an indoor arena can elevate your riding experience and provide valuable opportunities for growth and development.


Designed and fabricated to suit your purpose

We have been designing and building equestrian facilities for 40 years, bringing a wealth of experience and unmatched design flair, engineering excellence, construction expertise, and five-star customer service. Our Equinabuild team has been dedicated to creating custom equestrian buildings to enhance your riding experience. 


Nicole Tough wishes she'd built with Central Steel Build sooner

Nicole is a level 2 accredited dressage specialist coach, achieved 9 Australian titles, and has over 30 State Championship titles in her resume. But after being diagnosed with skin cancer in 2017, Nicole’s husband decided it was time to build an indoor dressage arena so she could ride in comfort and safely, protected from the weather.

Nicole Tough indoor dressage arena 17_tileNicole Tough indoor dressage arena 14_tileNicole Tough indoor dressage arena 24_tile

“In 2017 I was diagnosed with Melanoma. I was one of the lucky ones and, after numerous operations and scans, I was cleared by September and it was at this point, that my husband decided to very kindly get me out of the sun."  said Nicole 

Due to the warm climate in Advancetown, the Toughs wanted to construct a roof-only cover over their Olympic-sized arena. We needed to design the indoor dressage arena cover around the lay of the land and the existing arena perimeter to carefully not damage the riding surface and fencing.  

"We contacted Central Steel Build who did all the plans and the construction in a no-fuss, no-stress manner. The building went up in one week just after Christmas in January 2018" according to Nicole. 

"It was a game changer – suddenly I could coach and train all year round. In the summer it’s 10 degrees cooler so it’s so much nicer for the horses. My only regret is not doing it decades ago.” 

You can read more about this project and watch Nicole's testimonial video here.

Tri Star Quarter Horse Stud launches stunning western riding arena

Leanne and Martin Moran, owners of Tri Star Quarter Stud in Northern Victoria, turned to Central Steel Build to design and build a new arena that would suit cutting and western riding. The arena needed to be wide enough to accommodate these activities, but also have a lean-to on each side for additional storage, tie-up areas, and viewing areas. What resulted was a stunning space aesthetically and one that is very functional.

Leanne and Martin Moran western riding arena 21_tileLeanne and Martin Moran western riding arena 13_tileLeanne and Martin Moran western riding arena 7_tile

“We’re thrilled with our purpose-built, quality Central Steel Build arena shed where we conduct western performance horse events on our property. We have already recommended Central Steel Build to many of our colleagues, and we know that many people have built with them after visiting our facility,” say Tri Star Quarter Horse Stud owners Leanne and Martin.

Read more about this stunning arena here.

With over 40 years in the industry, we have built a reputation for designing and building high-quality, long-lasting equestrian structures. Contact our Equinabuild shed specialists today and get quoted for free for your next shed project here. 

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