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Store & ignore

Let’s talk the humble bulk grain storage shed. At Central, we’re all about creating great spaces that enhance lives, in this case flexibility. Storing your precious grain until the market works in your favour, can significantly affect your profitability.

In the know

We cover a wide range of Industries but within our Agricultural division, we have vast experience offering building solutions for space, cost, quality cost-effective grain and fertiliser storage solutions. We always have time for a yarn with our Ag clients and listen to the ongoing pressure you endure, so we pride ourselves on building quality on-farm grain storage shed solutions that help reduce some harvest stress, giving discerning grain farmers the best opportunity to increase their grain profits by selling when grain prices are best

Reap the benefits

With many of you finally receiving some decent rain to confidently sow winter crops, you want to make sure you have the best facilities to store your harvest. You know all too well the long process; from buying seed, fertiliser, machinery, paying people to care for the crop – selling is becoming a little harder into the market. Good storage is essential to protect your assets and keeping your business profitable in the long run.

Why Store & ignore

We’ve come up with the store & ignore concept, it’s all about flexibility and gaining control. On-farm grain storage has become a pivotal component of many Australia cropping business. Farmers who manage their own storage facilities and operations effectively are being rewarded through preferred-supplier partnerships with key grain traders.

Grain buyers and traders are increasingly seeking out growers who can maintain grain quality through best-practice storage management, subsequently giving growers more control to switch the tables as price-makers rather than price-takers.

In addition, storing, holding and securing your grain over 3, 6, 12 month plus periods after harvest and waiting until the market works in your favour, allows you to gain significantly when the price increases. This advantage of control can add up the profit pretty quickly.

Central’s bulk grain storage shed

Our grain sheds range significantly in size and by sourcing Australian made, we can secure our lead times to delivery on site. Attention to detail is ingrained in our business (no pun intended), so it’s no surprise our fully hot dipped galvanised frames can resist most kinds of corrosive contents. 

We hope some of the information here have been helpful, it’s food for thought. Our fingers and toes are crossed that it’s a bumper season for our farmers this year.