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Grain sheds enable quick and easy storage protecting your valuable harvest from the elements, ensuring no harvesting delays and quick access to respond to market prices. As a bonus, grain sheds offer a flexible solution for alternative storage solutions when not housing grain, for example hay storage.

Grain sheds can range from private farm use to large commercial developments with prices varying subject to size

We break down the sizes and costs below.

Small – medium grain sheds

custom built sheds

Small to medium grain sheds range in size up to 32m x 18m x 7.5m high.
Grain sheds like these are suitable for smaller farms and agribusinesses.
The average cost for 32m x 18m x 7.5m grain shed: AUD$116,000*

Medium grain sheds

industrial shed

Medium grain sheds range in size up to 58m x 25m x 7.5m high.
Grain sheds like these can hold higher quantities of grain and machinery when not in use for grain storage.
The average cost for 58m x 25m x 7.5m grain shed: AUD$292,000*

Large Grain Sheds

industrial shed

Large grain sheds range in size up to 90m x 50m x 10m high.
Grain sheds like these are for large scale industrial projects.
The average cost for 90m x 50m x 10m high grain shed: AUD$906,260*


At Central Steel Build we custom design and value engineer all projects according to your requirements.

If you’re interested in checking out some of our previous builds, download our Central Agricultural brochure.

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*Note this cost is approximate only and subject to variations, material cost and labour.