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Hot dip galvanizing describes the process by which steel is coated with zinc, which alloys with the surface of the steel. The steel is dipped in molten zinc, and when exposed to the atmosphere forms a strong coating that will buffet against wear and corrosion.
Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

The process of hot dipped galvanized steel dates back to the 1800’s, when in 1837 a French engineer took out a patent for the process of galvanizing steel. By 1850 the British galvanizing industry was consuming 10,000 tons of zinc annually for the production of galvanized steel.
Process of Hot Dip Galvanizing

steel treated in this way has become increasingly popular over time, with 600,000 tons of zinc being consumed annually in North America to produce hot-dipped galvanized steel. Now galvanizing is found in almost every industry where steel is used. The process has a proven history of success that continues to grow in multiple applications globally.

Hot dip galvanized steel therefore, is a superior product against others in the building and construction industry. This is why at Central Steel Build we hot-dip galvanize all of our components for our sheds, contributing to a better quality and long-lasting product, that protects against rust and corrosion in rural environments in Australia.