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Key considerations during steel price rises

The volatile steel market remains a hot topic as shed suppliers navigate reduced steel supply to meet current market demand for new buildings.

With a degree of uncertainty still in the marketplace, securing a reputable and trustworthy shed builder for your project is now more critical than ever.

Working with a shed builder that is abreast of industry changes will make all the difference in getting a high-quality building at the right price with on-time delivery and installation.

Here’s a list of the top four points to consider ensuring a stress-free and transparent construction journey.

Quote life span

As steel costs continue to rise, it’s important to lock in your shed pricing. At Central Steel Build we make sure you receive up-to-date pricing with a fourteen-day quote life. This ensures you're given an accurate quote with no surprises when it comes time to order.

Quote price guarantee

Australian steel columns

Check with your shed builder to see if they provide a price guarantee with their quotes. We offer a 100% quote price guarantee meaning once an order is booked in for fabrication and the delivery date is set, your shed cost will not change. Even if we receive a steel price rise, any additional costs of materials will be borne by us – 100% guaranteed.

Purchasing of steel

Steel suppliers have introduced a rationing system for their customer base to counterbalance the shortfall in steel supplies.

Regular customers (like us) have a healthy quota of steel assigned to them according to their past months of supply. We work closely with our long-standing suppliers to receive the best price for steel at the time, ensuring you receive well-priced materials.

It’s important you check with your shed builder on lead times for delivery if you are wanting a reliable delivery date. 

Our lead times vary from ten weeks for standard projects and up to seventeen weeks for complex builds, depending on the fabrication calendar. Our current production remains unimpeded from steel rationing.

Australian steel and lifetime warranty

Central Steel Build manufacturing shed

All of our sheds are made from Australian steel. We’re proud to support our country’s economy and source locally. Speaking from experience, we know  Australian-made steel is of superior quality and finish compared to most imported products.

Testament of this is our warranties. All our buildings are eligible for Bluescope’s Australian steel warranty and we give a lifetime workmanship guarantee on every one of our sheds.