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Why should steel buildings be hot dip galvanised?

Hot dipped galvanised steel is becoming increasingly popular in all kinds of industries from construction to sculpture art. There is an amazing amount of advantages of having steel hot dip galvanised of which we will explain below. At Central Steel Build we endeavour to provide our clients with the best quality steel structures on the market, using only Australian steel that is hot dip galvanised in every life enhancing space that we create.

The process

Hot-dip galvanising is the process of immersing fabricated steel into a bath of molten zinc. The zinc used for bathing is 98% pure, heated to roughly 448.5 degrees Celsius. The steel is dipped in the zinc to cover all surfaces with the zinc, cooled and quality checked. Iron within steel reacts with the zinc and forms a series of protective layers which ensure hot dip galvanised steel’s effectiveness, these are known as 3 layers of corrosion resistance.

  • Barrier protection: The zinc coating acts as a sealed barrier which protects steel from access to the environment and thus prevents corrosion.
  • Cathodic protection: If the coating is scratched in places over time, the remaining zinc will continue to protect steel from corroding elements.
  • The zinc patina: When zinc is exposed to the environment it naturally produces bi-products on the surface which further slows the corrosion rate of the zinc, this is known as the zinc patina.

Cost Effective

Competing building companies may offer discounts on using painted steel however having been in the industry for over 45 years Central Steel Build knows that although at the time of purchase painted steel may seem cheaper, it’s lack of durability and longevity make it a poor choice. Hot dip galvanised steel buildings will remain maintenance free for a lot longer than painted steel buildings, therefore over time the economic advantage over painted steel is made obvious.


High quality buildings are constructed from the best materials, of which hot dipped galvanised steel is certainly one. Even in the harshest conditions, galvanised steel can provide up to 70 years of corrosion free protection making it a favourable choice of material for constructions needed to perform well for a long period of time.


Hot dip galvanising is a first choice of building material in harsh environments such as steel imbedded in soil, water or concrete. Galvanised steel has a proven record of longevity in all of these conditions. The appearance of the final product depends on steel chemistry, zinc bath composition and cooling methods. Whether the piece is bright and shiny or dull grey, this does not affect it’s effectiveness.


Another reason for Central Steel Build’s choice of only using hot dip galvanised steel in our buildings is due to it’s benefits on the environment. Hot dip galvanised steel is highly sustainable and provides many environmental benefits such as being 100% recyclable making it safe for future generations. To find out more about our sustainability click here.


Here is a great video highlighting the hot dip galvanising process and benefits by the American Galvanising Association.