How much does it cost to build a hay shed?

Small to medium hay sheds 

This size range includes sheds ranging up to 18m x 15m x 6m. Hay sheds of this size are common on smaller farms and vocational blocks.
Cost range: $40,000* – $65,000*

Medium hay sheds 

Medium sized hay sheds are for larger quantities of hay. These include sheds usually used for medium-sized commercial farms, ranging up to 48m x 24m x 7.5m
Cost range: $70,000* – $150,000*

Large hay sheds 
Central Agricultural offers an unlimited size range for large agricultural buildings. This size bracket includes anything from 48m x 24m x 7.5m and bigger.
Cost range: $150,000* – upwards


These prices are based on the specs of a three sided hay shed in Victoria. The costs include installation of the shed, and delivery charges. All council approvals and footings concrete costs are not included. Please remember that these costs are indicative only and any formal proposal given by Central Agricultural overrides the guides given above.


Central Agricultural has been building quality hay sheds of a wide variety of sizes and specifications for over 45 years. Take a look at some of our past hay shed jobs below.

*All prices are an indication only and are subject to change at any time.