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Capability Statement

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With a solution-focused approach, we collaborate closely with clients and consultant teams to align on scope, time frames, design objectives, and cost.

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Feature case study

Serafin Ag Pro combined showroom and workshop 2_gallery

The structure was divided into several purpose-built spaces including retail services and display, offices, amenities, equipment services, and spare parts sales. 

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Feature article

Dominic Conheady dairy building 2_gallery

How to bring down the cost of your farm shed

Rising costs demand for cost-effective solutions. In this article, we've listed down practical options to achieve cost-efficiency without compromising the quality of your building.

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Latest case study

Leader industrial warehouse 3_gallery

NMGS industrial warehouse 

The new warehouse needed to fit in with the existing infrastructure onsite and feature 10m eave heights to increase vertical storage capacity. 

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To help budget for your shed we’ve pulled together an approximate list of costs per m2 based on previous work completed for our clients. Prices are approximate only as actual prices may fall outside of the ranges provided.

The exact cost will come down to several variables including the height and complexity of the build.

Farm shed construction

Darren Ross hay shed 2_tile

Subject to the type of shed you require the average cost per m2 for kit-only industrial and farm sheds can be broken down as follows:

Bulk storage shed (grain shed, fertiliser shed, feed shed): $180 – $200/m2*

Typical size: Bulk storage sheds are a specialised product, so it’s difficult to determine an average size.

Compost barn, loafing barn, free stall barn: $90 – $105/m2*

Typical sizing for these barns depends completely on the size of your operations. However, we suggest you work with a minimum of 8 square meters per cow plus the feed lanes you want to include. To ensure the most return on investment, click on the request a quote button for a more detailed discussion. 

Hay shed/machinery shed: $115 – $120/m2* (3-sided shed)

Typical size: 40m x 21m, 32m x 18m

Shearing shed: $145 – $160/m2* (fully enclosed shed)

Typical size: 32m x 15m

Agricultural yard cover: $90 – $100/m2* (roof only yard cover)

Typical size: It is difficult to determine the average size of yard covers as all farmer’s cattle or sheep yards are completely customised.

Find out more about how much it costs to build a cattle dairy barn.

Equestrian arenas

Libby Sonter indoor dressage arena 26_tile

For riding arenas, the below can provide an indication of costs. For a detailed indoor riding arena construction quote, please contact our team. 

Indoor riding arenas, stables, equestrian complexes: $140 – $180/m2*

Typical size: 61m x 21m roof-only arena cover including installation at an estimated cost of $190,000*

Commercial buildings

Serafin Ag Pro combined showroom and workshop 5_tile

Offices, showrooms, retail buildings, etc.

The higher the degree of complexity, the greater the input from consultants. Subsequently, you will see an increase in the cost-per-m2 ratio as reflected below.

Please note we provide design, engineering, and construction of the Colourbond and steel structure only. All other additional parts to the projects specified below need to be organised by you independently or by your commercial builder. Shed costs will differ depending on the wind region of the building location.

  • Commercial shed, Colourbond shed (structure only): $400 – $650/m2*

  • Commercial Colourbond shed with office, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, and external works: $1000 – $1500/m2*

  • Commercial precast shed with office, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, and external works: $1100 – $2300/m2*

Industrial buildings

Leader industrial warehouse 9_tile

Factories, warehouses, large workshops, etc.

Industrial buildings tend to follow the principal function over form, especially when working with industrial shed builders. Subsequently, there is less emphasis on the aesthetics of a building. The benefit of this is buildings can be more economical to build and simpler to erect than commercial buildings.

  • Industrial Colourbond shed (structure only): $350 – $ 550/m2*

  • Industrial Colourbond shed with amenities, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, and external works: $800 – $1400/m2*

  • Industrial precast shed with amenities, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, and external works: $1050 – $1950/m2*

Custom sheds and houses

Stephen Rocard custom portal framed house 3_tile

Habitable dwelling frames and liveable sheds: $450 – $650/m2*
Typical size: 15m x 20m at an estimated cost of $57,150* 

Recreational sheds

Cranbourne East Secondary School 7_tile

Ball court cover, learning areas: $160 – $350/m2*
Typical size: 32m x 18m at an estimated cost of $109,880*

Aviation hangars

aircraft hangar

Aeroplane hangars and helicopter hangars: $160 - $350/m2*
Typical size: 18m x 18m at an estimated cost of $80,000* (kit only)

*All prices are an indication only and are subject to change at any time due to industry steel prices. The prices also do not include erection or site preparation. 

If you wish for more detailed and accurate pricing for your shed project, please contact our project consultants for a discussion and an obligation-free quote here.