1. 1. Moss green cable-knit jumper.

Cable knit jumper for horse riding
A classic look that’s also practical – it’ll keep you warm, won’t show too much dirt and will be highly durable.
The subtle colour is also perfect for trail riding.

2. A hardy rancher jacket.

Carhartt Jacket for horse riding
These jackets are made to be highly durable. They’re tough and they have a knitted lining, perfect for long rides.

3. A red flannel shirt.

Flannel and horse riding
The all-time classic for horse riders, you can’t go wrong with a simple flannel shirt. They will last, they’ll keep you warm, they’ll make you look like you’ve been spending time in the barn.

4. Denim breeches.

Denim breeches
If you want to keep a casual look, but find regular jeans uncomfortable, a set of denim breeches are perfect. The perfect balance between practicality and comfort.

5. A classic polo shirt.

Classic polo shirt for Horse Riding
Another absolute classic is a crisp polo shirt. They’re easy to find, they breathe well, and they come in any colour you could want.

6. A vintage vest.

Cool horse riding vest
A nice earth-tone riding vest can be an excellent decision, bringing a little bit of sophistication to your outfit.

7. The crisp white shirt.

Collared White shirt look
This one is a bit of a risk – it’s extremely easy to get yourself dirty (but at least you know you’ve been working!).
A classic, elegant look.

8. A necktie.

Necktie look for horse riding
For a little bit more extravagance, add a necktie to the mix. This adds a little bit of fun & class.

9. The jumper and jacket combo.

Nice jumper and jacket
If you really need to keep warm, throw on a jumper and a jacket for a high-country look. Excellent.

10.  A tweed jacket.

Tweed over a blouse

The ultimate classic, you can never go wrong with a tweed jacket. This will look classic wherever you’re riding.

BONUS – Anything you want to wear!

We love going through interesting outfit ideas, but it’s also about feeling comfortable. Wear what you want, how you want and enjoy yourself. That’s all that matters!

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