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Capability Statement

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With a solution-focused approach, we collaborate closely with clients and consultant teams to align on scope, time frames, design objectives, and cost. Are you interested in our work in the commercial and industrial sectors?

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Feature case study

Scone Regional Livestock Selling Centre saleyard cover 1_gallery

To ensure an accurate fit and functionality, the saleyards cover must precisely match the leveling contours. We conducted a thorough site scan and carefully measured the existing yards to align perfectly with the natural topography.

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Feature article
Portland Aluminium & Glass combined office and manufacturing building 16_tile

Top Advantages of Using Clear Span Sheds

We understand the importance of enhanced versatility in your structures. Our clearspan sheds are designed to cater to numerous applications, making them the perfect choice for various needs. 

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Latest case study
Amy Slayter indoor dressage arena 16_tile

Slayter Equestrian Facility

Our client approached us with a vision for her dream equestrian facility, a bespoke indoor dressage arena and stable complex designed to accommodate her own horses and appeal to high-end clientele. 

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Discover the top benefits of incorporating clear span sheds on your property. 

Enhanced Versatility

At Central Steel Build, we understand the importance of enhanced versatility in your structures. Our clearspan sheds are designed to cater to numerous applications, making them the perfect choice for various needs. These sheds can be customised to your exact specifications, whether you require additional storage, a dedicated workshop, or shelter for your livestock. 

With an open interior layout and the absence of support columns, our clear span sheds offer maximum usable space, giving you the freedom to adapt the shed for different purposes or equipment. You can easily partition the space, install shelving or workbenches, or keep it open for large machinery or vehicles. This flexibility makes clearspan sheds an excellent investment for both rural and commercial properties, allowing you to tailor the space to your specific requirements, as a steel farm shed or workshop space. 

Brandt Ballarat combined showroom and workshop 20_tile

Ample Space

One of the standout features of our clearspan sheds at Central Steel Build is the ample space they provide. Designed with wide spans and high ceilings, our sheds maximise usable area without the hindrance of internal columns or support beams. This design ensures you have unobstructed space that can be efficiently utilised for your needs. 

The generous space offered by our clearspan sheds is perfect for storing large equipment, vehicles, or inventory. It can also serve as a versatile workshop or multipurpose area. The open layout facilitates easy movement and handling of goods, making it convenient for various activities. Whether you need space for agricultural purposes, industrial storage, or recreational use, our clearspan sheds deliver the room you need. 

Durability and Longevity

Central Steel Build's clearspan sheds are engineered for durability and longevity. Constructed using high-quality Australian steel, and advanced engineering techniques, before being hot-dipped galvanised, our sheds ensure structural integrity and resistance to environmental factors. 

We use sturdy construction methods, engineered to suit your specific region, and durable roofing and cladding materials to make your shed capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, whether it be heavy snow, cyclonic winds, high rainfall, or intense sunlight. The robust construction means our sheds can endure the test of time without needing frequent repairs or maintenance. Investing in a Central Steel Build clear span shed means peace of mind for our clients. 

Natural Lighting

One of the significant benefits of Central Steel Build clearspan sheds is the natural lighting they offer. Our sheds can be designed with skylights or translucent panels to allow ample sunlight to penetrate the interior space. 

Marc De Stoop aircraft hanger 15_tile

The strategic placement of this natural lighting creates a bright and welcoming environment, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day, which can result in energy savings.  


Central Steel Build’s clearspan steel shed kits offer a cost-effective solution compared to our custom-designed offering. Our steel agricultural shed kits are pre-engineered and manufactured in batches, reducing construction time and labor costs. Our shed kits are also engineered to cater for a future canopy, making it a cost-effective option to cater for future expansion. 

Moreover, the durable materials, workmanship, and quality construction ensure that the shed remains in good condition for years, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements. We see your project as an investment for your business that should give you value for money over the long term. 

Overall, Central Steel Build clearspan sheds provide excellent value for money, offering a versatile, durable, and low-maintenance structure that can be customised to meet your specific needs. Invest in our clearspan sheds for a solution that stands the test of time.