The Eohippus

The earliest known horse-like animal was the Eohippus, a tiny, dog-sized animal.
Only 20cm tall, they were forest dwelling and would have made excellent pets.
Eurohippus and horse compared Eohippus Eohippus2

The Eurohippus

A slightly larger version of the Eohippus, a fossil of a pregnant Eurohippus was found in 2015.

800px-Eurohippus_parvulus 220px-UrpferdPregnant eurohippus

The Phenacodus

Like something between a cat, a dog and a kangaroo, this strange looking species was much larger than those mentioned above.



The Hagerman Horse

A powerful, Zebra-like animal, this mammal resembles the modern day horse very closely.


The Dinohippus

Extremely similar to the modern horse, the Dinohippus was native to North America. It is possible to detect the majesty and grace of the horse we know today.

Dinohippus pliohipp

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