Go For a Walk
Take your horse for a walk with you to lazily explore surroundings outside your property. Let your horse enjoy the exploration and different atmosphere.

Hang Out 
Hang out with your horse like two old friends. Go to your horse’s pasture and sit down and relax. Your horse could enjoy this and come over and join you for some bonding time.

Treat Your Horse 
Find a treat that your horse particularly enjoys. By doing this you can show your horse just how much you love him/her. The treat can be used for a variety of purposes: for training, a reward, or just a special treat.

Scratching Spot 
Find your horse’s favorite scratching spot. Everyone knows that most horses love to be scratched in a certain spot. It is usually somewhere they can’t reach, such as the top of their neck or their withers. There is scientific research that proves scratching a horse on it’s withers has a calming effect.

Picnic Together 
Enjoy a picnic with your horse. Take a picnic to your horse’s pasture and bring along with you some of your horse’s favorite treats so he/she can enjoy the occasion as much as you.

Play in the Water 
Let your horse play in water. Find a pond or river that is safe for your horse to splash around in. Bring your horse into the water on a long lead line and let them get wet. Most horses will enjoy this, especially in warm weather.

Training Without Restraints 
Try training your horse without any restraints, at liberty. To achieve this your training must be fun to make your horse want to stay with you.

Braid The Mane 
Braid your horse’s mane. If you are gentle and careful your horse will most likely enjoy this, as most horses enjoy their mane being stroked or brushed.