We are in the thick of winter and yes its very cold outside! Being active is harder in colder weather as we all know, but here is a list of sports that are well played inside if you have access to the facilities. Take up one of these sports during winter to prevent being outside to exercise!

Indoor Rowing

Indoor rowing is surprisingly popular and there is even a World Indoor Rowing Championship! If you are wanting to hold the title maybe you should try training for this globally recognised sport.

Indoor Soccer

Indoor soccer is popular in Australia as a game to play in winter, there are smaller town leagues that you could join for a casual take on this kind of soccer. There is the opportunity to be involved with Australian Futsal Association if you are serious about it!


Swimming is a good type of cross-training to take up during the colder months (as long as its in an indoor pool) and can be taken seriously with competitive swimming.

Indoor Rock Climbing
Sportsman climbing wall Free Photo

Indoor rock climbing is a great solo sport to do by yourself when you feel like getting active but the weather is too miserable outside to brave. It can also be done with a partner as you take turns belaying each other whist the other person climbs.

Indoor Track

Most of us don’t have the luxury of doing our track workouts in a slick indoor track facility, and have to step outside no matter the weather for sprint training. However if you are one of the lucky few take advantage of it by getting into sprint training this winter!


Boxing is an amazing cardio workout and is a lot of fun when you get the grasp of it. It takes a lot of determination, sweat and blood (sometimes depending if you are sparring) to excel at this sport. If you enjoy the competitiveness of boxing perhaps you should hook up a trainer or a friend who is willing to be as dedicated as you to take on the sport and get yourself in the ring!

Team Handball

Most of us haven’t played handball since we left high school, however if we look back we remember that it was quite fun. The game is fast paced and intense ensuring highly competitive matches and interesting to watch.


Basketball is an indoor and outdoor favourite for everyone, however in the colder months it is more comfortable to play using indoor facilities. No matter your age, gender or skill level you are sure to find someone else with the same credentials willing to train and play with you.

Martial Arts

The forms of martial arts are varied widely. The differences in the sports allows everyone to find their particular niche. Decide on which discipline is right for you and start with a trainer to ingrain good habits into your technique and prevent injury. These sports take a lot of practice and hard work, if you are up for the challenge the rewards are well worth having!