Building permits and planning permits are sometimes easily confused by people when building a shed. However you should be aware of the differences between these documents when going through with the construction of any type of building
Planning Permits 
The purpose of a planning permit is to give permission for the proposed development occurring on your land. A planning permit is not always required, however you should find out whether you do need one by contacting your local council’s Town Planning Office. If you do require a planning permit it must be obtained before a building permit can be issued, although both applications can be made at the same time.
Building Permits 
A building permit, on the other hand, makes sure the building is a safe construction and in line with the Building Regulations 2017 Interim and the Building Code of Australia and Building Act 1993. Building permits can be obtained from a registered builder. Central Steel Build are registered builders, and are able to sort any client’s building permit. Any building permit issued is required to be consistent with the requirements of the planning permit.