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The belief that it is a simple process to convert a class 10 shed into a class 1 home for an economical solution to building a house. This however is wrong as it takes a lot more effort to convert from a class 10 shed to a class 1 home than most people realize. In the following paragraphs we will explain why this is.

Differences between a class 10 shed and a class 1 home 
Engineering differs substantially between the two types of constructions. Class 10 sheds are engineered so that in a wind storm there will be allowed some flex and movement in the frame. This is okay as the shed is not lined. However, for a Class 1 building the engineering needs to suffice to not allow any flex in the frame as this will damage all internal lining.
Also Class 10 sheds are built on a standard slab, which is able to allow for a small amount of settlement as the building is not lined. This contrasts with a Class 1 building as no settlement should be allowed in the slab or internal linings will develop cracks.
There are many more differences between the two designs of buildings, including alternative levels of requirements in vermin proofing, termite control and so on. All of these differences are surmountable, however the money and effort put into them outweighs the immediate benefit.

Differences in structure design between a class 10 shed and a class 1 home 
Although it is accurate that you are able to obtain a class 10 shed to a weather lock up stage cheaper than a Class 1 stud frame and truss building, the fitting requires high cost.
Class 10 portal framed buildings aren’t designed to be lined, so to do this it is very difficult. One thing after another become harder and require more amendments and cost by using a class 10 portal frame. However with a Class 1 stud frame these things are standard as normal builders do them everyday.
It is important to note that it is possible for a portal framed class 10 shed to be constructed as a class 1 home, however as said in previous paragraphs a lot of time and money is needed to acquire this result and you would need to work with an architect. The main reason our of clients who build this kind of structure is to achieve a simple study look in their home, not to get a cheap house. See below some of our past DesinaBuild jobs.