No matter what industry you are in, one thing remains true for all customers. Customers will enter your showroom and want to experience the product for themselves. Your showroom needs to be appealing and shine the best light on your products for customers to view.

Lay out of a showroom
While designing your showroom it is important to think about how this will impact the customer’s experience with your products. Take your customers on a journey. Categorize your products into departments, and place sections so that one leads to another. At the end of the journey the checkout counter should be placed, at the back of your showroom.
Fully experiencing products
Make sure your customers can fully experience your products. Lay out samples to be viewed of products that are usually boxed. Creating displays that show the uses of your products and welcomes visitors to interact with them is beneficial also.
Easy over the counter purchases
Make it simple for customers to purchase items through your showroom. This could refer to having a salesperson actively ready for assistance at all times in the showroom. This could be different for every business, experiment and brain storm of ways that make over the counter purchases as simple and inviting as possible.
Window displays
If you use window displays in your showroom, try to use them as a sneak peak into your business. Make them look inviting and professional from both inside and outside views.
Warm atmosphere
Make your showroom comfortable and inviting to customers by putting some effort into it. Make sure the room is designed and decorated well with good lighting and overhead music. This contributes to a customer’s positive view of your company from the way you present yourself through your showroom.
Encourage staff to provide assistance
Make sure individuals staffing the showroom have a good knowledge of your products to readily answer questions when customers ask them. Also try and make sure they are friendly and easy to talk to. This will ensure customers feeling at ease and enjoying visiting your business.
Collect contact information
Be sure to set up opportunities to collect email addresses from customers visiting your store. Emails are an effective marketing strategy and are likely to bring in future sales from potential return customers.
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