There are a lot of beautiful and unique breeds of horses that you just don’t hear about. Here is a list of a few exotic breeds with information and interesting facts about them.
The Yili Horse

This is a breed of small Chinese horses that originatedfrom North-Western Xinjiang  in the 1900s. These horses are not only used for riding and as a draft horse, but are also valued for their milk and flesh. They are able to travel long distances at a good speed.
Interesting fact: It is said that these horses takes only 1 minute and 15.4 seconds to complete a 1,000-meter race. A speed which is 4.7 seconds faster than even the famous Sanhe breed.
The Messara Horse

This horse breed is considered to be the oldest in Europe. They are indigenous to Greece and are currently facing extinction, with only 100 horses of this breed left. They are known especially for their characteristic pacing, which makes riding comfortable and easy.
Interesting Fact: Elderly natives of Crete say that when these horses make their characteristic gaits correctly, the rider can hold a glass of water without a drop falling.
The Haflinger Horse

This is a breed of elegant yet strong horses that were developed in Austria and Northern Italy. They are known for their versatility and dependability. Their origins date back to the medievial ages where they were evolved from horses left behind by the Goths after the Byzantine army attacked Conza.
Interesting Fact: In May 2008, Italian scientists produced the first cloned horse, a Haflinger foal named Prometea.
The Kaimanawa Horse

This horse belongs to a group of wild horses that evolved from domestic equines during the 19th Century that were released in the Kaimanawa mountain range. Breeds that escaped from sheep stations and cavalry units including an Arabian stallion formed the breed known today.
Interesting Fact: Kaimanawa horses have been of special interest to writers, journalists, and researchers. The 2008-novel Kaimanawa Princess, authored by Dianne Haworth, is based on Kaimanawa herds.
The Hokkaido Pony
This is an ancient breed of small horses found on the Japanese island called Hokkaido. They have the ability to work in rough terrains and are used for transportation in the mountains in places of limited access of vehicles.
Interesting Fact: The breed is thought to have evolved from a fisherman bringing a Nanbu horse to the island in the 1600’s