How much does it cost to build a factory?

Although every job is unique, and factories range from the very small to the very large, we’ll outline some estimates and figures below.
The best way to find out is to request a quote. You’ll get a response within 1 working day with an exact figure.

NOTE: These costs include the design & fabrication of the structural steel and the cost of installation. They do not include fit-out costs or site preparation costs.

Small to medium warehouses

Small to medium builds include small warehouses, extensions, washbays and workshops.
Cost range: $25,000 – $100,000*
Size range: 50m2 – 400m2

Medium warehouses

Medium buildings are often storage sheds, machinery sheds and smaller factories.
Cost Range: $100,000 – $350,000*
Size range: 200m2 – 700m2

Large warehouses & factories

Large projects include large warehouses, infrastructural buildings and factories. These are usually built by medium sized companies.
Cost range: $350,000 – $600,000*
Size range: 700m2 –  2,300m2
(We also build structures larger than these measurements. Contact us for details).

Will I need a building permit?

We are registered builders, so we can take care of all the paperwork and all of the building permits. You can leave that stuff entirely to us and focus on what you need from your building.

Where have you built before?

We’ve built all over Australia, and we’re able to travel to any state. We recently built a bull riding ring for the Stockman’s Hall Of Fame in Queensland, but we’re based in Kyneton, Victoria.

You can see a map of our buildings here:

Where can I see photos of your work?

The best and easiest way to see photos of our work is to download a brochure. We’ve put together a collection of our best projects there.

*All prices are an indication only and are subject to change at any time.


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