One our most exciting buildings of the last couple of years has been the new rodeo cover for the Stockman’s Hall of Fame.

It’s been a great privilege to work on what has been a fantastic project for an excellent organisation. From the foundations through to the finishing touches, we could not be happier with how this project turned out.

The Hall of Fame has had a very clear vision for what they wanted, and this new addition to a Queensland institution has been turned into something unique and excellent.

Below are the photos from laying the first foundations through to completion.

The front entrance of the Stockman's Hall Of Fame

The front entrance of the existing Hall Of Fame building, an icon.

Aerial view of the Stockman's Hall Of Fame

An aerial shot, with the new rodeo cover visible behind the Stockman’s Hall Of Fame

The very beginning - Foundations

Laying the foundations

Stockmans Hall Of Fame Under Construction
The frame, erected

Stockmans Hall of fame steel frame

The frame of the new rodeo cover

Stockman's hall of fame rodeo cover new

The cover ready for use, at night

New rodeo cover QLD

The cover ready for use, daytime

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