Due to the current drought which is starving crops and profits from Australia’s farmers the government is offering a new tax deduction to assist farmers through this time of hardship.
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This new legislation allows immediate deductions for the cost of fodder storage assets so as to encourage farmers to store fodder.

Fodder storage assets refer to silos and hay sheds etc. For the full definition of fodder storage assets according to the law click this link:
The legislation is not officially passed yet however it is not far away, accelerated so as to help farmers through this crises time.

This article outlines the changes in fuller detail: https://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/news/national/tax-breaks-concessional-loans-focus-for-federal-governments-second-round-of-drought-aid/news-story/28ec1d8fbd43c95129540d70998cccb4