1. The Beehive, New Zealand.

The executive wing of the New Zealand government are housed in this impressive building, which echoes Aztec towers and Roman colosseums.

Exterior of the New Zealand Beehive Building

2. The National Museum of African American History.

Three stories of this confronting building are above ground – another three are below ground. The dark, rusty exterior echo the contents; hard to adjust to but demanding respect.

Most amazing buildings African American museum

3. The Vennesla Public library.

This excellent little house for books is situated right in the middle of the city, becoming a meeting place for civilians and a space for thought.

Amazing well lit interior of library made of wood Exterior of Beautiful library building

4. Thurgood Marshall Judiciary Building, USA.

A balance between modern and traditional, the glass update to this building reminds its occupants of the idea that progress is built on tradition.

Exterior of American justice building

5. Romanian Parliament, Bucharest.

One of the largest & most expensive single government building ever built.

Old Romanian Building - Amazing public Buildings

6. Port House, Antwerp.

This strange, futuristic spaceship-like structure was built onto an existing but defunct fire station. The building now houses the local Port Authority – a collection of government offices in a surprisingly exuberant building.

Incredible futurist traditionalist building

7. The LiYuan Library, China.

Made of natural materials, this beautifully harmonious building has no electricity supply, so it closes at dusk, when it gets too dark to read.

Exterior of amazing public library with no artifical lights or materials Interior of public library made from wood

8. Government House, Azerbaijan.

A slab-like castle, this is another example of a government building that aims to impose itself upon passers-by and cast an air of timelessness.

Government House enormous & traditionalist

9. Finnish National Parliament, Helsinki.

This intimidating slab of a building houses the Finnish parliament. Daunting, sturdy, solid, ungiving.

Huge Finnish Government building

10. Toyko Metropolitan Government building.

Unique because of its sheer size and lack of restraint, this building is not what you’d expect from sleepy government organisations.

Enormous Tokyo SkyScraper Public Building

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