When designing the layout of your stable barn it is important to consider all aspects that could affect its workability. A well designed and well-built horse stables and barn has good lighting, is well ventilated, is easy to keep clean and is pleasant to work in.

Secure The Right Location.

Ensure you have the right site for your barn. Make sure your site is well drained and offers immediate access to utilities and to your driveway or the road. Spend some time on site on a windy day to make sure wind direction will not cause a wind tunnel through the centre isle of the stables.

Plan Ahead.

Be smart when designing your barn by planning around the jobs you are going to be doing in it. This will improve efficiency and make chores quicker and easier. Try to minimise untidiness by identifying all potential sources of mess and plan your layout to confine that mess. For example, in a four stable barn, put the stalls together so when you muck, the mess stays on one side of the barn.

Leave plenty of room.

Make sure the isles will be wide enough to let you move equipment and horses. Bigger isles will bring more light in from the doorways making it doubly advantageous.


Maintaining good air flow is crucial to your horse’s health. Sufficient openings in the building allows fresh air to enter, and stale air to exit. Vent style windows positioned high where the horses can’t reach them, let in air and light. consider putting in ceiling fans over stalls as they significantly improve circulation.


Good lighting is important in your barn. It makes it easier to work in and attracts fewer flies. Windows and skylights will lower your electric bills.

Central Steel Build are experts in the design and construction of purpose built stable barns. Little tips like these can make a huge difference to your barn in the future. We ensure your barn and stables are built according to you and your horses needs while functioning in the best way possible. Work with us to build a flawless purpose built stable barn: get a quote here or call us on 1300 955 608.