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How much will it cost to build a farm shed?

At Central Steel Build we work hard to deliver purpose built, high quality agricultural spaces that are cost effective and stand the test of time. Optimising your shed space allows you to reap the best return on your investment. We offer bespoke add ons like bale barriers, ventilation solutions and large clear span openings.

Because we custom design and value engineer all projects according to customers’ requirements, we do not have fixed sizing and prices. But we do understand it’s useful to have a starting point.

We’ve broken the pricing estimates down into agricultural product types and provided some indicative sizes too.

All pricing includes GST but does not include installation costs.

Farm sheds

According to product type

Three-sided hay shed

hay bale shed

Average size: 40m x 18m

Price estimate: AUD$70,000.00*

Three-sided machinery shed

farm sheds

Average size: 48m x 15m

Price estimate: AUD$79,000.00*

Fully enclosed bulk storage shed (grain, fertiliser and feed)

farm sheds

Average size: 32m x 18m

Price estimate: AUD$116,000.00*

Fully enclosed shearing shed

farm sheds

Average size: 32m x 15m

Price estimate: AUD$72,000.00*

Three-sided dairy building with gable infill (rotary dairies, herringbone dairies and dairy sheds)

dairy farm building design

Average size: 32m x 21m

Price estimate: AUD$74,000.00*

Loafing barn (compost barn, freestall barn, milking barn)

dairy farm building design

Average size: 130m x 36m

Price estimate: AUD$600,000*

Roof only agricultural yard cover

farm sheds

Average size: 40m x 24m

Price estimate: AUD$69,000.00*

Roof only feedlot

farm sheds

Average size: 56m x 24m

Price estimate: AUD$188,000.00*

Fully enclosed horticultural shed

industrial shed

Average size: 32m x 24m

Price estimate: AUD$120,000.00*

Roof only intensive animal husbandry shed (inc. pig sheds, goat sheds etc)

steel shed

Average size: 48m x 15m (roof only)

Price estimate: AUD$85,000.00*

Fully enclosed packing shed (excl. cool room panelling)steel shed

Average size: 32m x 15m

Price estimate: AUD$105,000.00*

Fully enclosed agricultural workshop with canopy

steel shed

Average size: 32m x 15m

Price estimate: AUD$93,000.00*


If you’d like to have a chat with one of our team and obtain an accurate price for your project, receive an online quotation.

If you’re interested in checking out some of our previous builds, download our Central Agricultural brochure.

*Note these costs are approximate only and subject to variations, material cost and labour.