Tilt up panel factories are a common use of construction for industrial and commercial buildings.
Central Steel Build has extensive experience in the construction and planning of these types of buildings. Although we only supply the steel frame itself, we are able to engineer and account for the concrete walls that strengthen this style of building.

How Much Does A Tilt Panel Factory Cost?

$209,865* is the average cost of one of our factory projects. Because of the wide range of factory sizes, our prices range from over $1,000,000* to under $100,000* (Australian dollars, including erection costs).
See below some of our past jobs of tilt slab factories and warehouses.

Being a custom steel construction business, we are familiar with working with sub-contractors and ensure that this process would not be difficult or hard to organise. We ensure that all our clients are entitled to a simple and complication-free building process.

Please note however that we are a steel framed construction company and do not take part in the fabrication of concrete walls and panels, nor the erection of these. We are able to engineer around the tilt up components and we are happy to recommend you to a local sub-contractor that is able to take care of the concreting of these buildings.

*All prices are an indication only and are subject to change at any time.