Many of our clients who are considering building find it useful to see a previous project to understand the process.
Below, we look at the construction of a large warehouse in Daylesford, which was erected in 2016 and is currently leased out to commercial tenants.


Our client planned on building an 80 x 30 x 6.5 metre warehouse in Daylesford. He intended to lease the space to commercial clients to operate a business out of.
He also had previous experience building for the purpose of renting to local business, so had a strong understand of the demand for warehouse space.


In order to meet the requirement of commercial operations, our client worked closely with our engineers to ensure the building would hold up to robust commercial use. This including strengthening structural component and ensuring that the wall could bear a load if they were required to.


Give the size of this project, the total cost came between $340,000 and $360,000.
Approximately $270,000 of this cost when to the kit itself (the components of the steel structure). And additional $72,000 went towards the erection of the building.


The project was erected without a problem, and is now fully functional with reliable tenants operating a business from the site.
See images of the project below, including aerial drone footage.

Before & after construction:

During construction: